From 3W to the network Xu just Adventures

Abstract in August this year, announced the hook get $25 million B round of financing, the startup began like blowing balloons.

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on December 6th

the network office in Zhongguancun Venture Street a shabby office, the front desk is the founder Xu alone (micro-blog) the station office hangs in the countdown banner, remind a few days later is called a "storm recruitment week" activities held, since this is the founder of the largest market last year, pull hook net activity. In August this year, announced the hook get $25 million B round of financing, the startup began like blowing balloons.

‘s office is only two hundred or three hundred meters away from the 3W Cafe just established, little is known, it is because of the 3W Cafe two years ago, was close to the collapse of the danger, he was forced to start a business.

is a Tencent Inc analyst Xu just once, but he is famous in the circle for part-time 3W cafe, the congregation raised pattern founded Cafe the focus of a large number of well-known shareholders, including Yang Xiangyang, Xu Xiaoping, Zeng Liqing and many other Internet investors and executives.

since the summer of 2011, the emergence of a large number of similar 3W mode "Internet cafe", 3W cafe is to become more Internet entrepreneurs and investment circles raidi.

but the boom didn’t last long. 3W cafe to some extent only as a circle of operations and activities of the platform, the core members of Xu just neither full-time, but also the lack of cafe of professional experience, 3W cafe lasted more than a year, by the end of 2012 – down.

was considered to pass stopped up, but early so many shareholders, on the face does not fall down, had to bite the bullet and stick to it."

Xu admitted to Tencent science and technology interview, recalled that the worst was to go out to subsidize the operation of the coffee shop.

critical moment, who participated in the investment 3W Cafe Xu Xiaoping, who agreed to come up with millions of angel investment to support his business. Xu just re sort the 3W Cafe equity and the legal framework to invite professionals to be responsible for the operation of the cafe, he and his two partners, Ma Delong Bao began Ella created the internet job sites pull hook, 3W cafe has become the network of shareholders.

copy LinkedIn cash flow is more important

Xu just once in the United States for a long time the fund analyst, when he studied the global recruitment market, know IT recruitment there are still some market space, but the network the earliest business ideas and do not directly recruit, but want to do LinkedIn.

After the formation of the

hook financing a small team of 6 people, want to develop a Chinese LinkedIn. But Xu soon found himself too little money to do Lin>

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