Do you still have the nternet market

Over the past few days, some of my friends sigh that they provide more and more difficult to do business Internet services, let me make a survey.

found that although this one is very competitive, but the market is still great, because in China such services the largest market.

should be small and medium-sized private enterprises, but the market is difficult to open, mainly has the following main reasons:

has Internet companies even though there is a website, but most of the traffic are scanty. It is difficult to realize the Internet to give them benefits, so those who have Internet companies, although the Internet can not spend too much money, but no good returns they are not doing things.

3 to the proxy service is not enough

then are still confused or confusion of such services, if able to seriously consider enterprise Internet service system, to allow enterprises to truly experience the network can bring benefits to them, and then prepare a series of training to marketing agent, and then use the network reality agent network, will be able to open the market, the the market is looking for, not to!

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