12 market e commerce analysis

1 agricultural products: 900 million farmers network uplink

although compared to the huge market formation and nine hundred million farmers, agricultural websites are not many. But the starting point is very high, obvious characteristics. Agricultural e-commerce sites, more concentrated in the developed economic zone. For the majority of farmers, online sales are still far away. However, the coastal economic belt rich farmers, is likely to become the first Chinese Internet surfers. The value of time and information will enable them to quickly enter the stage of e-commerce.  

2 building materials: "three little".

building products and building materials products have a clear national standards and ministerial standards, suitable for online sales. And the larger demand for capital construction market, the domestic home decoration and product export market is also very broad.  

the need for further development of the market, are urgently needed to strengthen market segmentation, personalized service. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the pre service demand forecasting services, the urgent need for real time services, service delivery of goods, large tourist attractions, such as electronic tour guides, to meet the needs of tourists

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