Apply Google Adsense to make money guidelines

      are you above ADsense, you can earn advertising dollars, much of the day can be thousands, there are a few dollars, this is a good thing, but when you do Goolge AdSense some criteria must be observed, or how much money you earn is the following is good, others see the wise remark of an experienced person there is no harm!

      some principles of Google Adsense products

      1, never cheat (old).

      2, the address of each application account can only correspond to a person’s name, with the family ID card application, pay attention to.

      3, do not attempt to log on multiple accounts on the same machine. The body in the field of webmaster, want to see the data when you bear with it, don’t use webmaster friends machine login, even carefully. It is recommended to use the report function to send multiple accounts to the specified mailbox every day.

      4, keep their machines clean, do not click on any Google ads.

      5, if not the point of a few ads, log in a few accounts, please clean up the machine above all the browser temporary files and cookie, and completely replace IP.

      6, each point of death.

      7, register a account with a clean web site, Google does not care if you put ads on the site.

      8, the site has pornographic content of 100% was sealed, copyright content can be in the case of people you know Google do.

      9, income rises too fast to die.

      10, Google if you want to K number, never related to cheating. Google only care about whether the effect is good, do not care if you cheat (in fact, with the first article does not conflict, you can slowly understand).

      11, Google put out all the ads, will monitor the conversion rate, conversion rate of less than a certain standard must be K. Even if it is not k number, will be down right. (the specific ratio will not say)

      12, Google has recently been pushing a product

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