Taobao new opportunities in the spring market segments

more and more Taobao customers complain that a month without a list, the competition is too fierce, the Commission is too low…… We all know that in this Taobao navigation station, shopping guide Station, back to the current network, a single page station everywhere in the market for Taobao customers have fewer opportunities, the barriers to entry are increasingly high.

so to say, Taobao customers really do not have the opportunity to do it?

in fact, the opportunity is always left to prepare people, in this huge market in the Internet, there will always be a chance for you, the key is to grasp!

a lot of people, always love to huddle firm, in the clothing, cosmetics and other areas of the Red Sea in the fight. Many Taobao customers due to lack of experience, lack of funds, lack of promotion means, often was grappling, eventually quit Taobao off stage covered all over with cuts and bruises. There are some people, when people in the red sea fight, they chose some market segments, from the start, often do not need too much money, too complex, will be able to get their due rewards. In fact, there are segments of the spring!

below to introduce, a very potential market segments, can be said to be a forgotten Jinshan, lingerie


girls underwear is a branch of the Chinese underwear market segments. For the 15 year old adolescent girls, underwear is not a "shy" topic, more and more girls started to buy their own underwear. Underwear consumption in the domestic population of young people are getting younger and younger age, many girls have just developed a bold talk about the quality of underwear. According to statistics, only domestic adolescent lingerie products have nearly 15 billion yuan market consumption potential.

in the face of this high potential of the development of the blank market, Taobao guest how to choose?

1, brand choice?

currently on the market, the main underwear brands, mostly on the basis of the original underwear brand, the new series of underwear for adolescent girls wear, such as Wacoal, Ttiumph, love, etc.. Strictly speaking, such a brand can not be called a professional lingerie brand.

is therefore designed for girls underwear brand design is still relatively small, which do better: an figeat girl kewayi underwear, underwear, very young girl sister EFENE girl underwear, underwear and so on, these brands are positioned as professional girls’ underwear brand.

we in the choice of the brand, you can choose some of the brand potential, professional brand, personal preference to choose a professional lingerie brand, can be higher growth, greater development space.

2, the price of choice?

girls’ underwear, and was known as "the first lingerie girl", its importance is self-evident! But the girl in the choice of underwear, mostly for the mother to buy, so the choice of size will not be accurate, but the girl grown fast, therefore, in the lower.

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