Make money quickly from the university students most often go to the website analysis

in such an economic environment, the majority of college students are faced with the embarrassment of graduation unemployment, but fortunately there are internet. In fact, except when students spend time on the Internet, should be to the contrary, there are tens of thousands of college students are doing the same thing with you, on the same site, which also contains great business opportunities


is not only college students can make money from these opportunities, in fact, personal webmaster can also from these college students most often go to the site analysis, how to quickly earn the most money!

a, encountered problems, 80% of college students will use Baidu, Google!

an online survey, if they do not know, first thought is to ask who? More than 80% of the students answer is Baidu or Google, Baidu! And Google interface is simple, use more convenient, and it is very rich in resources, is the college network for website.

how to make money through Baidu and Google? Suggest a blog advertising real! This means is placed on his blog providers like Google and Baidu ads, it is recommended that you first understand Google adense.

is a blog service provider can apply for a blog, you can now put advertising blog a lot, like Google’s own blog, blog, blog

two is a personal site can be built, the service provider to provide a blog system, the annual 100 should be able to get. Anyway, now the CN domain name is also cheap, and then apply for a space.

to do this when the blog is often more new, the blog to write creative, because the ad is placed and your blog content. With a good content also want to promote. Ever heard of a full English animation site built a sister, ALEXA ranked more than 1 thousand in the world, only put Google ads every month can take tens of thousands of. Of course, this is not to envy, to do this will be very difficult at the beginning, your Google account may be only 10 fen.

two, when shopping, 70% of college students will go to Taobao to see.

online things cheaper than the store, this reason is estimated that as long as the Internet users will understand. Taobao, Amoy you like, you can always find good quality and low price for your goods on Taobao. There are so many online shoppers, naturally created the advantages of Taobao stores.

Now the

shop and blossom everywhere, in addition to Taobao, there are many other C2C platform, so many people shop, it is difficult to earn money. If you want to feel that the personal online shop must have new products, low-cost purchase channels, but also some of the brush credit rules.

and the most important thing is to have a certain creativity. Some people have seen the school badge on-line sales, selling roses made of underwear, do not lose a >

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