Personal entrepreneurship tips ten small entrepreneurs magic

From today’s social and economic development characteristics, people’s work can be basically three types as follows: civil servants, enterprise employee, be your own boss. They are a lot of people but I am afraid that each one has its own merits; you want your boss! But who knows, the boss is the boss of the difficulty, not everyone can do the boss, is need diligence and wisdom to make a real money boss, do a successful boss. The ancients said: Great oaks from little acorns grow! Any cause is from small to large, from the start bit by bit; in the process of summing up the experience, the accumulation of funds, the slow development of the! Everything is difficult at the beginning! Here we summarize the experience of the predecessors on the basis of the characteristics of contemporary social development, summed up: ten personal business to get rich tips! Hope to be helpful to friends!

1, will minimize the amount of venture capital.

3, for customers to be generous.

4. Start from home can provide better direct product or service.

5, starting from the first day, all computerized.

typewriters and manual methods in the current market is not competitive, are no exception from the letters, accounting, marketing, and sales documents. Starting from the first day to use the computer.

6, long time.

to accounting, correspondence and other administrative work to stay the night. These things can not occupy nine to five hours. This prime time can only be used to build relationships, make presentations, make phone calls, or face to face with clients. And a customer about a day to go home after work in charge can produce.

7, love your customers.

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