Wangzhuan how should go to the novice

      1, do not know people who develop a lot of friends and I chat with me, like the students around him, friends, and do not do. You can go to some Wangzhuan forum propaganda, such as: a lot of my friends now follow me. Because they believe in two points: first, I make money, and the amount of money began to attract them. Wangzhuan forum second, they believe that my personality. But as a part-time online novice, you try not to do so, because you don’t have enough theory to convince your friends Wangzhuan forum, if your friend once joined the fraud site because the receipt of money, or they joined the real Wangzhuan forum website, which is due to their own perseverance does not give up when you at a friend’s reputation is not good Wangzhuan forum, everyone Wangzhuan forum will become suspicious of your ability to do things. Not even friends are not the.

                2, no doubt when some part-time online market novice to do part-time online at the beginning of all asked the same questions: "now many people are added into the forum, the market is not saturated?" I can tell you: how many people were born Chinese every day, so every day there may be many people to the Internet forum, it may be your referrals Wangzhuan forum. The number of people who die every day in China (assuming that the Chinese computer penetration rate reached 60 years of age or older, huh, huh, but this is a matter of time), it is possible to have a number of members quit the online part-time.

3, don’t doubt your ability to have some friends asked me I can Wangzhuan forum, the development of offline? Oh, in fact, this problem is not the same and mlm. I want to ask you, can you type? You can surf the net? Would you post? If you can go to Wangzhuan forum the answer "yes", then I can tell you for sure, you will develop offline.

4, do not bite off more than you can have some of the online part-time optimistic friends asked me: "I believe that part-time online I want to join the forum, a few, do not make money faster Wangzhuan forum", it should be said that this part of the idea is right. It depends on ability, technical level and ability. But I can tell you that the site is a lot of part-time online, you do Wangzhuan forum. Familiar with and learn to love yourself to do Wangzhuan forum type is correct, of course, this is not to say that you are not interested in don’t let you do it, but in the beginning you love the best choice and can quickly receive the money website to do it. So you will build up your confidence to develop and convince them.

5, do not cheat often see some people in order to pull off the hook. They give off the line of cheating tools and guidance on how to attract the first line to attract some people to join. I do not want to say the consequences, pull the two idioms Wangzhuan Forum: baoxinjiuhuo >

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