Cerberus founder Zhu Min a Silicon Valley venture capital of Zhejiang


Cerberus founder Zhu Min

once "laosanjie" Zhu Min, 1996 founded the WebEx company in the United States, 2000 listed on NASDAQ in March 2007 sold to CISCO for $3 billion 200 million.

the past period, as the founder and chairman of Cerberus, he in the field of venture capital practice and enlightenment.


the history of each individual’s life forms history.

Zhu Min, born in 1948 in Zhejiang, Ningbo. As a mapping of the influences of the time, in 1969 he went to the outskirts of Ningbo in Dongxiang. "I’m the 67 high school graduate, and my wife, Xu Yuqing, is the 68."

that time is to take root in rural areas, married with children. Had been living in the city, "I work with the ability of rural peers certainly immeasurably."

in early 70s, Zhejiang around the beginning of Shedui enterprises emerged, Zhu Min cut in the village has also set up a. Because Zhu Min recognized "brain active", and become the technical director.

this is the eve of the planned economy ice breaking, the period is an important consumer durable goods sewing machine, Zhu Min went to Shanghai to undertake some parts processing business. There are two problems, namely, technology and raw materials.

Zhu Min has found a number of people who have been dismissed by the sewing machine as a technical guide. As for the required copper, Zhu Min has been found in Gansu copper mine. There is not a set of near sell, after Zhu Min proposed can provide Zhoushan hairtail. So the mine would put up posters: eat hairtail to work overtime. Weekend overtime production for Zhu Min.

Zhu Min did not continue this trajectory, in 1976, he returned to Ningbo. The reason is that his son Zhu Lei is six years old, Zhu Min hope he has a better education opportunities. So he became a construction worker of the Ningbo machinery bureau.

housing problem at that time, in fact, in 1974, when the family added a daughter. Zhu Min found a home, after the collapse of the walls left the old Pavilion, covers an area of 64 square meters, the landlord is not willing to deal with Mr Zhu Min, think he is big and tall, finally Xu Yuqing to buy, the price is 450 yuan.

Zhu Min borrowed 500 yuan of money, and sell the old Pavilion materials sold 500 yuan, with 500 yuan to build two houses, one of which sold 500 yuan, this account is down, Zhu Minbai had a room, also earned 50 yuan.

in 1977 to restore the college entrance examination, the original life has calmed down Zhu Min, I think I can not give up". Mother and Xu Yu Ching said support. Pro forma, during the day to go to work, to

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