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as a start-up company CEO, when I and other entrepreneurs together to explore each other’s entrepreneurial process is always very curious. Because this is a good opportunity to communicate with each other entrepreneurial experience and other sunrise industry. However, I am often more impressed when I learned that they are on the road to the ups and downs.

When I saw ZappBug

co-founder Cameron Wheeler, the first thing he said, "you know that 110 thousand people will use the Google search engine to ask" how to remove bugs per month? "" my first reaction was "well, can you repeat what you said is smelly bug?"

and he gave the answer to this.

I soon realized that Cameron was a smart guy, and his "bug removal" product would be a killer. But I’m not going to tell you a story about how to get rid of bugs. I want to know how he found this problem and how to build a physical hardware products company in the context of an Internet venture to dominate the world,

The following story about

is about how three very ordinary guys create a product company and then make a profit (and how to create a product company within the budget).

find a real just need

bugs are a common problem, and we know that there are many people around them who do. One and all of this comes from Cameron neighbor is also one of his co founders incidentally found to have bugs in the room, they will pass the power socket into the unit building, scattered throughout the building, will appear in the apartment. In order to deal with these "painful" bugs, he’s been working on how to get rid of bugs. .

is in the process, they realized that the removal of bugs is a common demand.

in the initial study, they are also aware of the need for better solutions and more information. They found that the market demand is very large and still in a fragmented state. Some bugs remove companies that want to sell products to your apartment. There are bloggers who spend a lot of text on the blog, which is very low in terms of operability, and the salesperson is just trying to sell the product to you.

they realized that the market did not really good resources or programs to solve this problem, so, ZappBug came into being!

Exploration of

in more research, they found hidden in the market and no real blank – affordable and has very good repellent effect of products, so they decided to invent such a solid product and sell directly to the customer. The idea is to develop a bug grill

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