16388 audio and video network to find the webmaster cooperation A variety of cooperation

      16388 video net is made by Guangzhou Yi network technology Co., the company engaged in the development and operation of audio-visual media products online marketing business of professional e-commerce website.16388 video network "brought together world record", its service tenet is that throughout the country.

      friends, the use of network facilities, can not find a record in the local. 16388 audio and video network integration of major cities available for the record, the annual distribution of more than one hundred thousand kinds of records, basically covering the country’s record company’s products to meet customers.

      purchase demand, and the establishment of a retail and wholesale functions of the online trading platform, is currently available for the record of the largest online shopping mall.  

  cooperation mode:     1   sales into.
    2 (monthly advertising fans, buy genuine CD required website).
      3 genuine gift dish, in the Forum (free auction. Need total of more than 300 people online forum)
      other 4. (if you have a more suitable way of cooperation can also contact us)

      union URL: http://s.www.16388.com/union.html
      contact Tel: 020-33815653

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