How to operate the classified information station

It is necessary to be patient and persistent!

can also release called information, such as public welfare activities, how to engage in the estimation of those of you who know better than me….

flow, then how to do?

page in addition to put N text ads position, can put at least 6 small picture advertising. At least a month about $1000 can get around it

because access to classified information website in general should be more than 18 year old people, to determine a good location, see what they need to get information. This time, your action must be fast. In the early stages of development must always look at the local job recruitment and the sale of newspapers and magazines..

can enrich your information. I do not know how others do, but if I do, it will make a simple certification, so that the credibility of the up, the flow will come up. Internet users are willing to come here to find things, businesses are willing to release information here… No matter how, for visitors must be free. To release information about whether to charge a service fee, large flow, can charge 1 – $5 each piece of information. The cost of small ads is also higher than this, so the price is very competitive) why can you charge? Because you are better than others, the site is more honest than others, the information is more accurate than others, more professional positioning.

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