Analysis of the three major premise of website profit model

currently website profit pattern classification of
the website profit pattern in the author’s opinion can be divided into three categories:
1, information model

this means that through the provision of a variety of information services to achieve the purpose of profit, here can also be broken down into several categories. The first is the Sina model, also is to provide various information for users, such as news and information, attracting a large number of Internet users access down (the page becomes a like on billboards downtown.), so that the page has a high commercial value. The second is the information website model, that is, users publish information, to establish a platform for the communication of information, that is, put up a bridge. His value lies in the fact that the bridge reduces the cost of the traditional mode of communication.
mode line line mode is very funny, this way is more use of offline operation to make money, for example, many dating sites, in fact he websites such as VIP and other members of little money, but a lot of dating sites to engage in offline activities, such as the party, collect tickets and other expenses. Such as Ctrip, eLong is this pattern, their main income from the line tickets, hotel booking, tourism and other income, the website for them, but it is the display counter. The characteristics of
this pattern is his profit is through offline transactions or activities to achieve the
note: standard here is on the website’s point of view, gains from website evaluation method. Rather than from the user’s point of view or global perspective. For example, users want to buy a car, the car network, find online advertising, and under the car, the process from the global view is both online and offline, but from the car network, Internet users on-line car, find ads, determine the purchase intention, here car network task has been completed, there is only one information model.
see the following website to see all kinds of profit model three premise website profit.
Web profit premise, your website audience clear
audience base

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