Free access to the value of 100000 HopHunt PPC advertising costs

1: open, which is a new comprehensive search engine abroad. Click on the "Advertise Free" link at the bottom of the page, as shown below.

2: first to see if you add the advertising effect, as shown in the following figure, advertising display in the search results above the "sponsor" area, like Baidu and Google.

3: click on the link in the first step, enter the registration page as shown below. Follow the image below, and then click "Submit" button.

4: the following page appears, then fill in your registration ID and login password, as well as receive the activation account link email address and your site. Click "Signup"".

5: after that, you will be asked to enter the mailbox and click on the link to activate the account

6: enter your email address and click the activation link as shown below.

7: click the activation link, you will be prompted to activate the account successfully. Click on the link in the red box below.

8: login with just registered account ID.

9: This is after landing the account. See below for details. You can see your account balance is USD 100000, this is the site to give you free advertising amount. Click on the link in the red box below to add the site (in fact, add the ad).

10: in order to set your advertising name, click on the web site after the user clicks advertising, advertising keywords. If you set Training, then when users search Training will display the advertisement, advertising (you) describe the descriptive text that appears in the advertising name below), Bid (per click is consumption, click on price), advertising effective time, advertising the film map. If you have seen the Google Adsense ad or used Google Adwords, it is easy to understand. Fill out the form, click the "Add New Site" to add advertising station.

11: if it is correct, the following page will appear. Click on "View Your Sites" to see if you have added the ad site.

12: after adding ads, you have to activate the ad. Click on the "Activate" link in the image below to activate the previous addition

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