Webmaster discussion how to use QQ want to make money

Many webmaster think

SEO is difficult to do, do promotion is very difficult to do! I don’t answer, I went straight to the topic! Talk about using money making idea: we want to do Taobao know, Tata voice rang, mind is always happy, I also do Taobao, this is the place of our weakness share, give you an idea, can let those who sit on the computer side waiting for business people to bring me income.

first, you already have their own website and has been linked to good advertising, is actually the best English station, because the cost is relatively high on a bit, and then you want to find the best of their landing, a big mass, but also Never mind, you can send messages to strangers, probably "your product I have 10 discount?" means that you are allowing sellers to buy things on the OK, then you’re in the automatic reply which play: I can’t accept the message now, you can use XXXXXXX to contact me, 10 sellers at least 9.5 will go to see. Of course, in your page, relative to your income came, did not pit people what the big deal let white people a joy, what I’ve done in the past, the results were OK, this is just an idea, you can According to it to derive a new promotion, in short, through these channels let us make money.

can also use QQ together and want to make money:

For example, you want to

in the message: sincere service, only you can not think, no we can not do. QQ:XXXXX, a lot of sex maniac will add this QQ.

really search for free file 6 QQ advertising pages are not many, the old method is to use the 6 bit QQ temptation page, the propaganda method by now, not many people, some time ago to search 6 QQ pages online is also not a temptation, if who need this program to add my QQ, I am looking for to a.

today I tell a new method for 7 QQ to get free traffic through keywords, but the flow is to need 6 QQ of the crowd, we think of ways to look at how to use this traffic, but if you are a novice best to understand what is the meaning of the operation to Wangzhuan, anything is the basis of need.

Methods: to establish a simple

page or blog can, the title is of course free keyword file 7 QQ, this can easily be included in the front row, the content is for foreign countries, Africa QQ step, step by step, it is true, and apply to certain is 6-7 at the end of QQ, the most important step: because the application number and the number we use is not within a database, we need to go to QQ customer service complaints about, said to be in the foreign application, now home. Let them adjust to you, most of the time your attitude will not be rejected. If you are not good enough to apply for my QQ:XXXXXXX, I can apply for.

plus this QQ person must be a lot of every day, and then see how

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