True lie did not discuss Wangzhuan Nanbian beware fooled

due to the popularity of the Internet, the birth of a staggering number of Internet users, such a huge network of user groups, to promote the birth of a new economic growth mode, the use of the Internet to make money, so many people embarked on the road to riches. At the same time, there are some users, but lose everything.

to open a shop monthly thousand yuan

nowadays, online shopping has become a new choice for many people shopping. Taobao, Alibaba and many other online shopping platform, to provide users with the convenience of operating a shop, so that some of them earned the venture capital.


of a Liaocheng air force Jiashuyuan Junsao more successful Li Yan is. 2006 years ago, Li Yan opened a children’s clothing store in Taobao, mainly from the Internet to buy some cheap children’s clothing, and then sold on the Internet, Li Yan joked he was the two traffickers".

Li Yan because of the operation of the purchase of children’s checks are very strict, relatively thoughtful after-sales service, her children’s clothing sold well. "The courier company home to pick up, I just sit at home can be divided." Li Yan said that in the online business wear, do not delay the child care, "the benefit is not stable, shooting two birds with one stone, a good time can have a monthly two thousand or three thousand yuan accounted for the difference when only a few hundred yuan."

this income, has made Li Yan feel very satisfied, after all, just look at the order online, the distribution of goods." But Li Yan said that the current network revenue, and she continued to adhere to a few years, efforts are inseparable, at the beginning, a few months to earn less than a few hundred dollars."

to join the network sale is actually MLM

on the Internet easily earn Li Yan, presumably so many working all day in front of the computer office workers envy. "If I can also increase the income on the network, it is also a white pick up." Just to participate in the work of Wen Gao soon, the current monthly income of 1200 yuan is not satisfied.

month 100 thousand yuan, this is not a dream easily." One day in June, Pei Wen Gao received a person familiar with the users of the information in the QQ group, said the online sales of "remix" series of cosmetics, there will be a high income, the premise is must to the headquarters of 179 yuan fee remittance.

the user said, every day now he just friends send Xiangqun in the join message and email, there is about one hundred thousand yuan a month income.

, you are on the Internet a month to develop 15 downline is not too difficult, every level of development of a downline, the headquarters of each reward you $50, you will have a revenue of $750." This netizen give Pei Wengao calculations, 15 referrals per month and 15 level two line, there are 225 grade two grade two line, each line based reward you 40 yuan of money, you will have an income of 9000 yuan……

users through calculation, just fourth months, Pei Wen Gao even if what is not dry, a month can easily 1> income

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