Google Adsense drip method

with the widespread popularity of Google Adsense, followed by a problem is how to improve their Adsense revenue. After two weeks of observation and Research on Adsense, there are some basic principles of logic, written here for Google Adsense user reference.

1 Google Adsense advertising first theorem

only click on the ads to count the money.

this is the default meaning that your ad must be visible to the user, the user must be clicked to be effective. Then the following factors must be considered:

(1) advertising location

(2) advertising color

(3) ad size

(4) the most important thing is that you browse the ad, or call the show.

2 Google Adsense advertising second theorem

only users concerned about the content of the user will click

when the user is reading your article, if relevant Java training information seen in the literature on the page, he will not click, but if the ads are literary friends, literary journals, the effect is much better.

extended here mean your single page content to try to focus on, only to explain a problem, so that the Google Mediapartners-Google crawler will not misjudge your web page type and content.

3 Google Adsense advertising third theorem

any cheating and cheating methods do not work.

Chinese people are good at any loophole, a sound business as long as the rules into the Chinese market, immediately changed the taste, such as traditional Alexa ranking. Note that Google Adsense is not your personal means of living, and it’s much better to spend more energy on other meaningful things than to find a way to cheat.

AdSense startup process is very simple. According to the following steps, you can start and execute the AdSense code on their website, in 15 minutes or shorter time to get ready for the income! This guide will guide you through your account to login from the ad code generated and added to the full page process. To make full use of this guide, please read, print it out, and in the process of setting the account at your fingertips.

Google AdSense is one of the main sources of revenue, here are some of the commonly used tips, hope that through these techniques can increase the income of everyone’s Google AdSense, and to prevent yourself >

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