Americans buy domain names in exchange for 2 million 600 thousand yuan revenue

The domain name

an American registered in 1994, recently sold for a record $2 million 600 thousand. Over the past 14 years, he spent only $20 per year to maintain the site.

According to Broadcasting British Corporation

news, 43 year old Chris · Clark, after a week of online auction, received an anonymous bidder bid.

Clark of Maryland to live in the United States are so high bid for the domain name reaction is unbelievable, too unbelievable.

he said that the sale of domain names in exchange for money will certainly make a great change in his life.

Clark in 1994 when the Internet has just started the registration of the domain name. He had hoped that the domain would allow his consulting firm to sign a contract with a pizza company.

in January this year, Clark heard the other with vodka in the name of the domain name to sell a good price of $3 million in 2006, they decided to own the domain name out pizza try.

Clark says he now regrets not buying a few more domains in 90s.

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