Tmall always feel robbed of their business Taobao has become a foil and supplement

Ma Yun is about to take a back seat, today the media broke the Ali group’s new CEO, but these people are the management of things, say no more. For practitioners in this circle, and personal experience in terms of purchase, Taobao is gradually being snatched away by Tmall market. Perhaps many years later, Taobao is still the ideal platform for young entrepreneurs, but the success rate of entrepreneurship will be lower than the current several stalls, why do you say that? took three years on the throne of the domestic electronic commerce, along the way is to share advantage and leading in the development of absolute. The mall’s B2C model has been trying, in fact, this is a good thing for the diversification of e-commerce development. Therefore, we finally see the predecessor of Tmall mall Taobao mall, but its development is not satisfactory.

in the early stages of the development of Taobao mall, Taobao mall turnover accounted for only 3% of the total transaction volume of Taobao, but the use of Taobao’s traffic of 20%, for the Ali group, which is intolerable losses. There are a lot of reasons, for example, when a lot of product integration problems, the staff also on the shopping cart and payment combined with the corresponding technical upgrades, hoping to change the status quo. It can be said that due to a variety of reasons, Taobao mall development is not good, not only did not help the development of Taobao, but it will drag it.

But the independent brand

Tmall mall launched immediately to reverse the adverse situation, of course, in Tmall before Taobao mall to the ups and downs, here we will not go. Taobao’s baby is now the default ranking of the top few mall products. Many are not in the poor comment and loved by consumers, so that the owners of Taobao business began to have a certain impact, why?

first, Tmall mall strict enough, you want to set up shop in Tmall, which requires the company to register only qualified. This can be understood as the home of Tmall mall is thousands of Taobao shop for a high quality screening. Of course, consumption will be considered the best products in the election.

second, Tmall’s business is more consistent in the service, a 100 thousand margin, not out of stock is thirty percent of the invoice payment! These are let consumers feel a sense of security, this is an important reason for Tmall to win the consumer psychology.

finally, Tmall’s products in quality assurance, stressed that are genuine, and full support in the field of after-sales service seven days unconditional return. This is the biggest difference between Tmall and traditional, image point that can be likened to a small roadside shops, while Tmall is a large shopping supermarket, of course, is to buy in the supermarket goods more assured. For the standard of living is getting higher and higher standards of people, buy peace of mind and buy genuine, even if the price is slightly more expensive than Taobao can accept.

after these changes in quality, Tmall mall in one fell swoop reversed the drag of the Taobao mall, the rapid development of >

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