Men’s registration of the Olympic torch domain name is unconditional recovery

Morning news (reporter Ge Yunfu) yesterday, Dalian, a domain name registrant of the Olympic torch, the Chinese phonetic alphabet of the domain name and he passed by the name of Cheng Xianfeng". He said: "I understand that the relevant departments of the state to recover my domain name, which is the affirmation of the authority of the Olympic games."

yesterday, the people of Dalian Cheng Xianfeng talked about a "Olympic torch he registered in a personal name" ( of the domain name, he said that he had received a notice of the Ministry of information industry, because his domain name contains "Olympic Games", has been without a recovery.

, he said with a smile: "I understand that if the domain name is used by others as a business, will damage the authority of the Olympic games."

Cheng Xianfeng said, in fact he recently registered the domain name completely out of kindness. He said that he is a loyal reader of this newspaper, I hope to provide this domain name to the newspaper, and I hope this newspaper can hold a million signatures on the Olympic games. At that time, he spent only one yuan to register the domain name, not built website. At the same time, he also felt that the domain name may be of commercial value naturally.

, he said, he has also done publicity on the internet. "Although it was recovered, but I understand."

Cheng Xianfeng 27 years old, he has the potential value of the domain name has its own unique sensitivity.

he said that he had first registered the domain name (86 – in the domain name, only three months of life, a person with the price of 800 yuan to buy from him in the past.


, the man was sold to an English website. "I first discovered this resource, because the domain name is from the first half of the foreign domestic call phone, must dial the code behind the code of Dalian."

Cheng Xianfeng said recently he fortunately registered to a "Unlimited Business Opportunities" domain name is

Cheng Xianfeng said, this is the previous one who owns the domain name of the company is lack of protection, making it the protection period and no one knows. He found the name in an accidental opportunity, immediately to be registered.

"now there are 23 users in this domain within the next 2 hours, it has great potential."

Cheng Xianfeng said he was not a professional domain name, and now he works in an advertising company. Every time he is a "cybersquatting".

he is very proud of his another registered to the domain name "". He said: "the domain name is completely

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