The cause of the collapse of the rice unification network to the vertical B2C

recently had the Internet than raise a Babel of criticism of matters, Fantong went bankrupt. For each year the Internet business is normal, a lot of company failures did not cause you so much attention, so why Fantong will such attention? Rice Unification collapse to vertical B2C what


Fantong tepid development for 10 years, the 10 years through the rice Unification reservation telephone ordering, checkout membership restaurant to give consumers discounts and other means is very popular with consumers. But this is in the year, there will be such a good effect, and the Internet a day like a change in the previous model does not mean that can be a long time!

this warning us vertical B2C, do not blindly stay in a certain operating methods. Need to keep up with consumer preferences and adjust the operating methods. This is a place where every B2C executive has to be very careful.


Fantong in these 10 years, there is a change and follow up the Internet to launch a variety of operating methods, such as the group purchase group purchase also, APP fire was also APP, but why do these or escape doesn’t collapse? The reason is very simple, Fantong is to follow suit in the behavior. See what others are doing, what also do their own


and this is currently a lot of vertical B2C is also done. According to my understanding, there are many B2C websites are blindly follow the trend, what do, group purchase app everything, do it, but do it but because of various reasons (human resources) and no good use, but do not have their own set of patterns. So it was led astray based on the model has been difficult, only their own efforts to guide consumers to make better development of website.


rice Unification collapse really surprised us! For Fantong in these 10 years is not what made a fatal mistake, also has a model, also in 08 years to get a large financing, the problem is that there is no competitors more sensitive, more daring and stronger implementation stress superposition of various factors,

was finally out of the market!

told us this vertical B2C, the Internet is a fast fish eats the slow, and you didn’t make a mistake and you will not be eliminated. So we in the market analysis, competitor analysis, need to be more sensitive, more daring and stronger enforcement of the adjustment of operation strategy. In order to become a fish in the ocean!

wrote in the end:

rice unification network to survive so long because they have a good model, but in the era of rapid development of the Internet, the lack of innovation means that the possibility of being eliminated. Rice Unification is because it has retained the old model and not very good innovation and go slow, leading to the collapse. So we should always keep the spirit of innovation, in order to allow enterprises to go more long-term!


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