Baidu do not do B2C C2C entrance

on Friday, a friend of Baidu came to me for dinner, the table asked me some questions about B2C, said they have been very concerned about B2C. I told him my point of view: Baidu do C2C is a thankless thing, resulting in the right and left each other. Why do you say that, for example, you can’t be an arms dealer and get involved in the war, it’s a foul. At that time, Baidu may think is very good, has the highest share of IM (Baidu search engine; HI; community (Baidu and Baidu know Post Bar) and so on, these resources together to provide a ah, then through the user’s search behavior, accurate advertising, to have at the beginning of the competition in do not fall in the wind. But is this really the case? I’m afraid it’s too idealistic.

first said that Baidu’s most NB search engine, it can not be too prone to ah. Why, the size of the B2C and the next line of business every year to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on Baidu, when Baidu announced the time to do C2C, B2C industry are talking about the impact of C2C do Baidu will have any impact on B2C. I still remember the time and several B2C is responsible for the market launch of the friends talked about, if Baidu search to have a bias in resources, ah, then each of the B2C SEM delivery strategy must be adjusted. So in order not to offend the advertisers now, Baidu can not be too unscrupulous to have ah search resources support. Then IM, the Baidu HI out of time but also 1 years, the market share is far less than that of QQ and MSN, only as a communication tool ah, and the potential of "quasi registered" user can’t have 100 million like pat, and through the QQ pop / QQ group message /QQ to promote advertising. As for Baidu know / Post Bar, users are high, but as a quality shopping user may not be very high (Tesco and 55BBS; certainly immeasurably). Besides, there is a large flow of good traffic on it? The loss rate? Even if Baidu has led to the massive traffic ah, ah now the seller to the quality and richness of goods, to keep these users? Is the most likely for Taobao Baidu indirect train users, do the wedding dress for others.

look at competitors, Taobao is faced with the traditional gentleman eBay only 5 million users, Taobao successfully overturned then eBay rules "bullying" means. And now there are 50 million people face fierce Taobao, but also can only follow the rules of the game to imitate Taobao, but can not go beyond or subvert. This is equivalent to 10 years ago, my brother a few a little money could spell Suning and Gome try again today, the rich did not dare knock Gome and Suning, unless it is the mode of subversion. After all, the era of giants has arrived, the battle is a fight to fight unlimited consumption.

Baidu from the C2C in the end what can get money?. Yes it can stir up, so that Taobao can’t charge. But Taobao has been able to rely on advertising and value-added services charges. Ah can not do it, because C2C is better than B2C B2C may be more cruel, the top 35.

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