Electric trademark wrong price admit buyers to court

[Abstract] a businessman on the United States will be priced at 14500 yuan on the super Tablet PC marked a less than a 0, 3 hours online shopping sold 500 units.

an original price of 14500 yuan super Tablet PC business operators due to operational errors, was priced at $1450 in the United States (micro-blog) online sales. Only 3 hours, the computer sold more than 500 units, vendors lost $6 million. The day before, sellers of Beijing a business the company will be one of a consumer to court, requesting revocation of the sale contract, the Haidian court accepted the case.

the company said the company and the United States signed a cooperation agreement with the United States this year, in the United States On-Line Company to provide online platform for the sale of its proxy electronic products. August 25th, when the company released a super tablet computer information, due to the company’s employees operating errors, the original 14500 Yuan computer labeled a $1450 per unit". Within 3 hours after the release of the error message, the tablet PC sales in the United States online platform reached more than 500 units, the preliminary statistics of the loss of up to $6 million commercial company.

Mr. Liu bought a computer in the same day, the commerce company believes that the wrong price for the tablet computer, so Mr. Liu to buy tablet computer behavior is a major misunderstanding, so the prosecution request for revocation of the original defendant to the court in August 25, 2014 to establish the contract for the sale of the relationship.

reporter yesterday called the United States online, a customer service officer said that the case is not the United States online problem, so it is not convenient to answer.

Haidian court, according to the "People’s Republic of China contract law" provisions of article fifty-fourth, if the parties in the contract entered into by a major misunderstanding, at the conclusion of the contract unconscionability, or a party to fraud, coercion or exploitation, the other party to enter into a contract in violation of the true meaning of the contract, the aggrieved party has the right to request the people’s court or an arbitration institution to modify or revoke. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

– lawyers said both parties can be resolved through consultation

Beijing law firm Ma Guohua believes that the industry that the wrong price Oolong events are not uncommon, the same thing has happened in DELL, IBM, Taobao and other enterprises, the solution is usually a single, compensation or normal delivery for businesses, chargeback will cause consumer complaints, normal delivery it resulted in direct economic losses. In accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s contract law, such transactions can really belong to the existence of a major misunderstanding of the contract. However, there are also the commerce company obvious fault, even if the court support business litigation, businesses also may simply be wrong to sell the computer back, because the original price of 14500 yuan of the tablet computer also includes a variety of costs and the purchase price and other factors, and even business back tablet computer has become the second-hand goods, so the best way is to negotiate with consumers.

in addition, if

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