Jingdong Qingfeng baozi type of public relations said electricity supplier in the future three imag

Note: in 2013,

Liu Qiangdong for the Jingdong’s strategy belongs to the strategic planning of the "rehabilitation" of the year. At the end of the year, Liu Qiangdong from big brother, after returning from the first time held a press conference, 5 detailed interpretation of Jingdong in 2014, the most important thing: mobile and big data, financial, O2O, channel sink and internationalization. This big data in the first place is not unreasonable. After the visit by Xi Qingfeng baozi made headlines, how to dip political concept of light is more subtle, though the ocean deputy prime minister visited Beijing a relatively low-key thing; however, Wang Yang stressed in the study of the value analysis of the economic situation with big data, and the Jingdong’s future strategy agree without prior without previous consultation.

enterprises in the way of expanding the scale of the road, how to spread the energy to the political center, have to say that both opportunities, but also knowledge. Observation of titanium media author Lanna evening in a political Jingdong ride mainly in two aspects: the ability of electronic commerce to alleviate the pressure of economic growth and employment. Take a look at the back of the Jingdong thinking:


Qingfeng baozi overnight, led the A shares of food stocks rise, the rumor is Quanjude Qingfeng Bao zipu parent company is once more limit, political concept for the influence of the capital market is amazing.

since ancient times, political correctness is Chinese commercial market talisman, eighteen report also stated, "technological innovation and strategic support to improve social productivity and comprehensive national strength, and must be placed at the core of the country’s overall development".

then, seven members of the Standing Committee of the Zhongguancun visit is logical, science and technology, undertake the mission of the enterprise, is willing to open government and business interaction attitude, to show to the public "selected" qualification.


Robin Li, Lei Jun, Liu Chuanzhi in Zhongguancun to the sea to the bigwigs of teaching, the Jingdong said very depressed, because they was also considered, but because Liu Qiangdong still has not returned to the United States to study founder, so make the flamboyant opportunity.

lost 36 pounds until Liu Qiangdong returned, the Jingdong of the Political Bureau of public relations also start again, to the Jingdong Group Vice Premier Wang Yang, a famous reformist politician.

Wang Yang in Guangdong local leaders had implemented "tenglonghuanniao" market route, is now being considered the core strength to help Li Keqiang continue to deepen economic reform. Jingdong invited Mr Wang to visit, the intention is very obvious: because China is experiencing the aging population, rising labor costs and other structural changes, e-commerce can solve part of the second industry due to the compression capacity caused by the pressure of economic growth, it is expected to bear the power pillar in the economic transformation.

electronic business growth, support from the Liu Qiangdong report to Wang emboldened. Data show that in 2004, Jingdong’s annual turnover is only 10 million yuan, in 2013, this figure has become a $one hundred billion, >

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