UNQLO to do personalized fashion this is to subvert the industry or to redefine themselves

can you feel that urgent, every time when UNIQLO mentions its concept and change.

prior to the more than 100 media from 18 markets show 2016 new, Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. (UNIQLO parent company) chairman and chief executive officer Ryui Masa decided to express his views on the apparel industry.

I’m thinking about what the future of clothing will be…… It may provide customized products. In the past, our clothes were sent from the factory to the store, which may be delivered directly to the customer, and the goods are well designed. The clothing industry is still in excess of production, but it is still a promising industry…… If we want to change the way we communicate with our customers, we need to change the industry first."

speech ends. Reporters around the UNIQLO challenges and internationalization strategy and so on. No one mentioned on the "semi custom" thing, even in the subsequent conversation involving "the plan", still no one asked the so-called "garment industry in the future" and Ryui Masa said, what is the relationship between.

Ming plan is UNIQLO October 2015 in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games venues opened near 36 thousand square meters of new logistics center, said at that time in order to close the store and online shopping experience: for example, blank customer to try clothes out of stock, if immediately in the network order, when the home clothes may have been sent to the home.

a UNIQLO managers to "curiosity daily" confirmed that the Ming plan included Ryui Masa said the "semi custom": in UNIQLO to provide some basic template case, consumers to do some processing, collocation and personalized orders, then the order will be shipped directly to consumers.

garment industry does have some changes in the proposed UNIQLO: because in semi custom 2 months ago, Nike has just announced the launch of the new Nike+ App, which allows the customer to pre order goods. Nike CEO Mark Parker at that time, said: the next 10 years, the industry’s most likely innovation is the birth of personalized products. Not only from the functional, aesthetic for you to make changes and innovation, but also today we can not do a new way of production."

theory in May 25, 2016, it became the second announced remodeling the industrial process of garment production giant (albeit with a casual attitude), but no one cares about this, or that it has more important things to get people’s attention.




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