Advertising alliance is like a fire in the nternet industry in winter

"the winter of the Internet" this is the Internet industry which we are familiar with Mr. Ma Yun’s "winter" theory. Since it’s winter, it must be very cold. Everyone likes to have a room in the heating, are not willing to go outside blowing cold wind. This makes many industries have become depressed. Every day, the news that the number of layoffs and how many companies today, migrant workers began to return home early.

Internet industry is not listed outside. With the coming of the September economic crisis. This makes the operation of many Internet companies have been no small impact. This makes some of the big Internet companies have changed their previous development plan, to take austerity strategy. Slow down the pace of development. Even some of the site’s operations have problems, had to choose to launch the industry. In such a cold winter, we are most popular on the number of advertising alliance, because it is the advertisers to save the cost of advertising companies. Web site owners can bring their own part of the interest, can help you survive the winter".

network advertising industry analysis and evaluation

author in Ai Rui consulting to see more than one of their online advertising industry evaluation: 08 years because of the Beijing Olympics, making the overall size of online advertising to $18 billion. 09 years, with the rapid increase in the size of China’s Internet users, in addition to the integrated portal search engine, community, vertical website, blog and other platforms for the rapid development of each day. As well as the advantages of network media in terms of price, marketing, advertising and other forms of diversity. The network media in the severe economic crisis, there is still a high competitive advantage. 09 years to promote China’s online advertising market to maintain steady growth of about 20%." It also gives the major advertising alliance and website owners to increase the confidence to overcome the winter.

advertising alliance industry characteristics

advertising alliance, the biggest feature is the low cost advertisers targeted, targeted, the effect of high cost. Advertisers see the results and then pay. This is more effective for advertisers than in other media advertising. The site owners can through the advertising alliance, the flow of their web site into a benefit, thus increasing the confidence of the site continued operations. This makes the global economic crisis, the company has a certain amount of pressure on the financial situation, pay more attention to the cost of advertising and marketing effectiveness. So advertisers in the choice of advertising platform will focus on advertising alliance.

with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users in china. Their awareness of online advertising is also increasing. The effect of online advertising is also increased. All of these are closely related to the improvement of the overall quality of the advertising alliance.

"advertising" this by advertisers and site owners favored platform, currently in the country has a lot of success, like Baidu alliance, his background is the largest Chinese search engine Baidu, there is Ali mother alliance, Qihoo. This is a certain background of the advertising alliance, they can succeed in the country

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