A brief analysis of attention economy

The concept of "

" attention economy "originated from American Thomas · Davenport (Thomas H.Davenport) and John · Beck (John Beck) of the" attention economy "one book, is a business entity means powerful interests.

with respect to word of mouth, attention to the effect of economic communication is more significant. The first is the impact of a wide range of social influence, such as melatonin and female Jiangnanchun industry influence; second is spreading fast, especially with the press hanging hook, the news media reported substantial benefits to follow the trend of growth momentum, so as to achieve the effect of once.

electronic commerce the "attention economy", we use the popular discourse is electronic commerce speculation, the fundamental reason is that this way of e-commerce is too wide too broad, an electronic commerce as ordinary business tide in a grain of small drops of water. If you want others to pay attention to yourself, you have to create their own enough to make a heart of the highlights, even if it is to create their own gossip. If a period of time before the creation of the "boss, please allow me to call you mother" because of their work, with a strong emotional color, so in the end the Ali blog page, although the abuse in the comments are, however this is not the fight. Because I feel that there is a dispute that my work attracted the attention of others. The contents do not say, single effect, my work is successful.

of course, the boss, please allow me to call you a mother, this work is limited to personal feelings, so there is no way to attract the attention of the audience for a long time. Can let the audience keep long time, who have a "conspiracy" wisdom, such as female jiangnanchun. At the rally, the female Jiangnanchun propaganda effect was achieved, which launched the "Project articles marriage" gimmick indeed attracted a lot of attention. I browse the female Jiangnanchun blog, found that the above post is rarely written by herself, most bloggers opinion article, or media reports etc.. This is caused by the attention of the consecutive reaction, the female Jiangnanchun reached the effect of once.

is a recognized recognized sensation, of course it means to do. Female Jiangnanchun is only a short period of time for the well-known name, so to verify its after road is smooth, but we can from the scent of a woman’s deeds, expected to the road ahead. The scent of a woman is the God of the title of the blog marketing, so far, the blog traffic reached about four million, nearly forty thousand comments. To explore the reasons, the author found that one of the highlights of the blog is to own the biggest cause of Osmanthus dressed by Bowen and beautiful peach blossom spring, wonderful picture to attract people’s attention, and attention is long time.

in summary, e-commerce "attention economy" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, increasingly become the wisdom of the business competition means, so who can maximize the audience’s attention, who can win business opportunities. This >

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