Taobao novice sellers need to pay attention to the four Taobao scam

The rapid development of the business of Taobao

on the Internet, so many business friends are very jealous of the store. Many friends have also been attracted to join the Taobao industry. However, as a novice seller, often difficult to resist the above Taobao tricks scam gullible. So, in order to make more Taobao novice sellers avoid detours, I summed up the following easy way to fall, you must not be deceived. The following points are many sellers actually experienced, should learn a lesson.

first, phishing site

in Taobao, at least half of the seller received phishing sites suffered in the shop at the beginning, Ali Wangwang every day will receive massive advertising information and fraudulent information. Taobao novice sellers often because the shop at the beginning, business is not so busy, also want to try to do the best, so once Ali Wangwang consulting, immediately will be very excited, if mistakenly believed those phishing sites, often deceived. The most common approach is to phishing sites posing as buyers, Ali Wangwang through instant messaging, plus a link, and then ask why this piece of goods shelves. Novice sellers often experience is not very rich, coupled with people asking very immediately lose their normal enthusiasm, judgment, provide counseling immediately opens the phishing site, then prompt landing can continue to query, once you login, your account does not belong to you. Of course, they do have certain technical content, that is out of the landing interface and almost exactly the same, let you relax. If you mistakenly believed these phishing sites, so your account may be swept, even unable to transfer funds will also be using your account of crime, and even cause you to permanent title. To identify this kind of scam in addition to the need to maintain a calm heart, but also pay attention to see the link in front of the symbol, if it is right for the green, otherwise it is necessary to carefully look at several times.

second, the use of Taobao recharge platform

many sellers on QQ or other chat platform to release the wholesale information, although the discount is not very low, but the greater the amount of wholesale discount more, this eliminates many novice sellers concerns, the two sides negotiated transaction order. They give a Taobao link allows you to take the goods, at this time, most sellers will be very cautious, carefully check the information, to determine the fishing site is not assured of a single payment. But because the captured goods is secret, then they will send you a link, that is let you recharge recharge platform. Because in front of a few times to determine, often let these newcomers relax vigilance, this recharge platform is likely to be a phishing site.

third, the use of the seller eager to trade psychology, disguised as payment requirements have shipped

this kind of fraud methods are used by the seller wants to sell baby and get praise and customer recognition mentality. Obviously you show yourself the way you are waiting for the buyer to pay, but the other side has insisted that the payment has been made, and even given a screenshot showing waiting for the seller to deliver, and repeatedly

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