Let the customer after you buy goods trick

most of the shopping network now, the number can not count. In today’s era of information explosion, more and more difficult to do business is probably a common feeling. Especially in today’s global financial crisis raging, feelings will be deeper. Therefore, in this adverse environment and the situation is more severe competition, how in the same conditions, and even the case is not as good as the people get the order, it is crucial.

My trick is:

, try to comprehensively improve their own quality, comprehensive quality is more attractive.

we often encounter such a situation: on the same question, often Yujingsizuo answered, the rational and logical and feasible in all. Why is the high quality of others. Therefore, we must pay attention to learning whenever and wherever possible businessmen pay attention to the accumulation of experience, experience, attention, attention to constantly improve their own self-cultivation, to speak to Zanfu. As the saying goes: "do business first", in fact, is not only to say good faith, more important is to have a higher ideological and cultural taste. In contact with the customer, you will feel your tantubusu, only before the first business to you the quality elegant, educated, have feelings of reverence for your trust, texture. In this way, after a few contacts and customers will often become friends, slowly became the iron man". That business is not a problem.

as I opened not long billion home shopping network, then I put this site above content complete, image processing is good on me to promote the sales of these products, there is a customer to buy my shopping network above a set of products, he said he began to look at my website, chat with me a few words, and then to the other shopping network to see, is to my shopping network to buy products is that my service attitude is good, the speech quality is relatively high, so he bought this product, and later often chat online also became good friends, this is the first person to do business effect.

two, win-win is the premise, the price is fundamental.

immature or inexperienced people, after receiving inquiries, often reported high prices, lest they make less money. In fact, the amount of information explosion today, the general price of the product is very transparent. Do not think that customers are more stupid than you, people can earn more than the ability of others, you can get the order to have the opportunity to make money. Through the reasonable price as much as possible to attract customers to you, is victory. Customers, factory production of full load, realizes the purpose of puerile, safe money. The Internet can be asked to ask the eight cities on the top seven, you will not have the opportunity to offer high. As the saying goes: "as in earning large quantities of gold each day" is the truth. I have even lower than the market price in the price, so that customers will find you the final nine out of ten.

third, service quality and efficiency.

in the cooperation with customers, inevitably there are some mistakes, but must be based on the principle of good faith service

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