A wave of electricity providers struck nternet TV return road

TV has been the home entertainment necessary supplies, with the development of technology, the quality and specifications of TV has been good improvement, but with the continuous development of the Internet, more and more enterprises begin to Internet TV as a new typical Internet technology integration model, through the Internet TV service and provides a new visual enjoyment. To avoid the traditional TV play in the process of the various factors is not convenient, but also actively preparing for the Internet business. Although SARFT policy constraints, but, for now, Internet TV has become a trend, more and more Internet TV business also began a new round of eager for a fight, to meet the challenges of Internet tv.

excellent groups return to the living room


said, the traditional TV has faded young people’s vision and space, but more and more young people use the Internet as an entertainment tool, which will bring a new hope for a strong return of Internet TV, not only for young people, many of the elite and the new rich. Internet TV is enough to make these excellent public television groups to return to the living room, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that Internet TV audience in people aged 18~34 accounted for 53.8%, the characteristics of Higher Vocational Kochi, more prominent, more enterprise management personnel, white-collar business, professional and technical personnel, and government the institution’s personnel proportion, opportunities for content and services for the whole of the dual experience of Internet TV "return" to the living room is not difficult.

personalized return Internet TV

young people return to the living room and rely on the Internet TV, is the main content of the innovation, there is no significant difference in the Internet TV and the Internet player, even live a higher degree, for many users, personalized content easier to remind them of their intention to use, for movie fans, sports fans, personalized Internet TV can create their own circle of interest, at the same time, through the Internet TV, free people to grasp the broadcast time and watch the process, the audience for these people is of great significance, to meet the individual consumers’ willingness to comply with their wishes, "personalized" content and services will be able to make these people become the Internet TV fan.

Internet electricity supplier strong return

was affected by the SARFT policy, Internet video, more and more enterprises have closed the TV client, but after all is a trend of Internet TV, through Internet TV, playback advertising model and the audience through the Internet will effect the precision investment achieved great development, but more is a kind of new video program the opportunity for the development of the electricity supplier, through the Internet TV watching video can be combined with online shopping, constantly enrich the diversity of social life, convenient family life, diversified TV business relies on the development of Internet TV TV shopping channel and a new way of Internet shopping. >

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