Rookie express courier service can be returned at any time

hand chop party welfare.

before online shopping orders after regret, seeing the goods have been issued, the heart must be very anxious, it may only return or replacement.

days ago, rookie network (we wrote before the Alibaba’s Internet Co, not a logistics company, has mastered the China 7 express parcel information data) and Taobao announced that their cooperation with several logistics company launched a courier service in the midway section, which includes several logistics companies rhyme courier express, Yuantong express, BES, the successor will have more access to the service company.

in the past, online shopping for refund process is more complex. If the goods have been issued, consumers to choose after the goods arrive, refused, and then make the package to return, businesses receive the return, and confirmation can be refund. If the family is collecting their own packages, consumers need to find their own own freight express company, send the goods back to the merchant, to operate a refund.

but now, according to the rookie network’s argument is that if the show is "goods", consumers can initiate a refund, the refund request is received after the Taobao business, just click the "stop online delivery", or call the courier company to intercept online package. According to regulations, courier companies must reply within 3 hours. As long as the successful pieces, consumers can quickly get a refund.

rookie network said that when the function is just on the line, the Taobao online 15 categories of goods were tested, the average refund time from 73 hours down to less than 19 hours.

from the current effect, the average single segment of the courier only 4.2 hours, but also includes the rest of the night and other non working hours. In fact, if businesses and courier companies operate in a timely manner, the entire refund process takes only a few minutes the fastest.

in December last year, rookie network launched the damaged goods and services to intercept transport process, the courier company once found the parcel damaged, the first time to notify businesses, businesses can intercept online, and re delivery.

a lot of courier companies in the years ago there was a half-way intercept express service. For example, a few years ago "wanted service", has now developed into a "station wanted" and "the whole network wanted", reported to intercept the express post, as long as the scanning system, it will automatically prompt. In addition, the middle Express has just launched the intercept service. SF also have related functions, are also free.

, however, the courier company for the interception of little publicity function, many consumers do not know these services. For the rookie network, although is not a novelty, but a lot of hand chop party, may have loved.

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