Do electricity supplier customer service needs to have what quality

[inclusive heart]

, no exit, the boundless sky. If people only let the universe. As customer service, especially electricity supplier customer service. I think every day the mood is like a roller coaster ups and downs, exciting and inevitable loss of excitement. Because a good buyer’s gratitude and wonderful, because of a misunderstanding and loss of understanding. But then lost and lost, one full of apology to pass the character of the past. Because they know that our existence is to resolve the misunderstanding, dissipate trouble. They will contain your abuse, love you unreasonable. May be secretly tears when no one, may cheer alone at night. A tolerant heart, silently inclusive of everyone. If this is not great, what is so great for the



spirit blossoming leaves soft, fragrant brush head Yuqing drunk.

stone is still in the free lean Jiajin barrier, the night is not closed.

I have my spirit, unlike any flowers, as a dangerous situation hit, I have my own attitude. Why do I think roses are suitable for customer service, because I think it is the rose that gives the beauty of other things?. The ordinary things, no longer ordinary. Customer service is behind the listener, every word you say, they have to listen, no right to complain. A good customer service, can bring more customers to the store, we would love to communicate with him, love to talk with him. We can not know the inside of the law, but I believe that the two word is absolutely Frank inside.


] sincere words and earnest wishes

is talking about the fair people say is the right and wrong. The friendship is at the intersection, and clear. People in a frank The important thing is understanding. difficult. The customer service to do every day, it is these two. There may be a lot of people do not understand the work that was completed with utter words. But the truth is so simple, communication is a deep knowledge. It is difficult to know how deep, but simple and clear. How to charge a fraction of the mind, as long as less and smile. But to understand sincere words and earnest wishes.


] solution

contradiction is often unknown, do not understand the goods. There is no understanding of things, for example, often slow logistics. In fact, after the logistics on the road, the seller is not able to grasp the. The weather, road conditions, accidents will happen, these are all the way, as the seller is very hope goods arrive safely I wish you a happy voyage.. So because they do not understand, such misunderstandings will be frequent. This time is the debut of the customer, listen to customer dissatisfaction, explain what sequence of events, things will eventually perfect solution, or to reduce the losses to a minimum. And this process is a process of overcoming difficulties.


] discernment

customer service not only to overcome difficulties, but also know. What is right to distinguish the causes, sometimes customers deliberately, or for malicious. Good customer service will be neither humble nor pushy, failing to.

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