Circle of friends potential electricity supplier sellers have millions of monthly water previews

text / Gu Xiaobo

Ali do social flowers flowers open, WeChat circle of friends have not planted willow has become a new social marketing platform.

WeChat circle of friends, a Buddha card girl, three or four people monthly sales of millions." The new alliance brand public relations consultant Zong Ning revealed after the buddies are shocked.

previously said the beautiful and and other public accounts be overhauled in micro-blog crazy scraper marketing Tencent official said in June this year, WeChat is not marketing tools, marketing agencies and website on WeChat’s marketing has become cautious, and some sensitive ordinary users have started to WeChat in the circle of friends to start a small business electricity supplier, brought no small the benefits of this humble way for some people.

seller abandoned Taobao fought WeChat bank transfer millionaire

technology NetEase linked to the above said "Buddha girl" Lu Qi Qi, she began full-time to the WeChat business, and bought a house in Thailand.

Lu seven seven in WeChat do is Thailand Buddha card business, selling some amulets, gumanthong, heart and even drop pomade (P oil) and other religious products, the main products are gumanthong, this is a kind of from Southeast Asia "Buddha boy", after a monk or master blessing, for the letter good people support in order to maintain peace.

currently seven seven Lu hired a dozen employees, each operation of a WeChat account, monthly 50-100 million in.

but the performance is not rise from the ground, Lu Qi Qi amulets business has been done for several years, she has had more than and 70 stores in the sales of Taobao, and now the circle of friends like products. Taobao earned hard money, had to do the accumulation of Taobao drainage techniques to bring a great deal of business now." Lu seven said, now WeChat’s revenue has been higher than Taobao, she has abandoned the Taobao store, using WeChat + micro-blog combination of sales.

users in the circle of friends in addition to Lu Qi Qi see a variety of products, you can also see some knowledge about the Buddha, gumanthong, and her personal life to share, and can communicate directly with her. Lu Qi Qi said, WeChat’s trust degree higher than Taobao, now most of her customers are through the direct transfer of bank card.

religious products have certain particularity, but Lu Qi Qi is not alone, she said many elites in this industry, she is not the only winner, also a beautiful gem and Manicure business in WeChat’s Nancy teacher recently also received attention, her monthly water has done covers.

in addition to full-time "sellers circle of friends", there are some users in the circle of friends to do part-time with the content of the business. Seller archillea the use of spare time in the circle of friends to sell some girls clothing, put into two hours a day, the monthly income of 3000-5000 yuan.


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