STO ban Taobao logistics companies brewing collective price




marketing director yesterday came from Shanghai to clarify: not blocked, but the price will be temporarily adjusted

Shen Tong, the seller called you to receive express." "I was the world’s list, until today, no one came to take, really strong." 13 days of the goods, so far have not seen the shadow ah"……

nearly a week ago, in the Taobao Gang recommended Logistics Forum, everywhere floating this post. Then someone posted on the Internet: Shentong logistics has said that Taobao prices down too much, no way to do, (Shen Tong) to ban Taobao and other logistics companies to follow up, to collective price. What is the truth,


at noon on the 22, according to the press published on the phone, dialed the phone through the logistics in Hangzhou. 811 customer service, said the snow before the impact of the north, the backlog of goods is very serious phenomenon, in order to send them out as soon as possible, is currently not a new list. Reporters then call the phone number of STO business hall, the answer is almost the same.

Taobao Public Relations Department of Yan Qiao on the Shen ban Taobao news, expressed a three point attitude. First, the current cooperation and Taobao normal. Second, the freight is the market behavior, the agreement between the logistics company and the seller, Taobao can not limit the price or profit from. Currently on the Taobao platform for the seller of the logistics services company has more than a dozen, even if the pass exit, there will be no impact on Taobao users. Third, the impact of the northern snow on the express is very large, it is the weather can not resist factors, the current logistics companies are actively dealing with the hope that sellers and buyers patiently waiting.

in order to clarify the rumors, Shen Tong logistics market director Xia Zubin arrived in Hangzhou yesterday morning from Shanghai, and accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter. Xia Zubin said that in August 2007, Taobao officially entered the recommended Shentong logistics logistics platform, and then the competition is only a tact. Taobao’s current business accounted for about five or six of the total amount of Shen Tong into, such a large market, how can easily ban". "Ban" said some time ago is the direct cause of the northern snow. Due to the weather caused by regional traffic jams, the end of the city distribution suddenly burst, and now all over the country through the 24 hours in a way to transport goods, all employees work overload. In this case, there may be several big sellers Taobao joint lower prices, resulting in some staff emotional control.

although the ban is not true, but the price of the news has been confirmed. Xia Zubin said that according to the current operation, from last Friday, some of the city’s price has been adjusted STO, Zhejiang is also within the scope of price adjustment. Hope that through this means of diversion of goods, reduce transportation pressure. But Xia Zubin stressed that the price adjustment is a special means of special period, if the postman fluent, will recover before the price.

northern snow off the courier industry price surge


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