Why bright liquor business just looks beautiful

liquor business behind the glossy, the performance is worrying.

recently, the largest domestic liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network platform disclosure of business performance. Always claiming to be "good performance" brewmaster network since 2013 has been in continuous loss, the loss amounted to 649 million yuan. Brewmaster network admits: "the risk factors faced by operators, Future Ltd will continue to expand the scale of business, revenue and gross profit growth is likely to remain difficult to cover all the expenses, will face the risk in the short term is difficult to profit."

and brewmaster network and known as the three giants in the wine business wine, liquor supplying 1919, revenue situation is not ideal. The wine net loss of 65 million yuan last year, 1919 supplying liquor in last year as the first liquor chain before landing three new board for the first time.

since the end of 2012, the liquor industry revenue and profit growth has declined, a serious backlog of inventory, so wine prices began to extend an olive branch to the electricity supplier. Mention liquor electricity supplier, many people still remember last year’s double eleven tragic price war. Liquor electricity supplier has been lower than the ex factory price promotion brand liquor in order to seize the sales ranking. 1919 liquor direct supply network launched Moutai + Wuliangye $1111, Wuliangye $499". The subsequent brewmaster network to "Wuliangye 459", "659 yuan Moutai", "Moutai + Wuliangye 1111 yuan price, directed at 1919.

as the main participants, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng has revealed that the loss of about 20 million yuan to the brewmaster network this short price war, the 1919 supplying liquor, wine, wine in the purchase of three commercial total loss of more than 30 million yuan.

however, even if the loss, there are still investment continue to enter. Brewmaster network recently announced the seventh round of 500 million yuan financing, then announced spending huge sums to build 150 thousand square meters in Tianjin "North China general warehouse". One side is constantly burn big, one side is the dismal performance of consecutive losses. "Peibenzhuanyaohe", profitability worrying, are generally optimistic about the "Internet plus" why in the liquor business just looks beautiful?

in the food review Jun view, high operating costs, a single profit model, the lack of innovation, resulting in a single competitive liquor electricity supplier, limited growth in the industry.

of some large liquor electricity providers, users, transaction size is more important than current earnings, however, regardless of the cost of discount promotions, the ecological destruction of the industry at the same time, will also fall into non promotion does not sell "embarrassing predicament, is not conducive to their own development.

at the same time, wine enterprises especially old wine enterprises is still highly dependent on traditional channels, most of the liquor electricity supplier wine sales are still only these wine prices online dealer, no interaction design, in addition to the price, it is difficult to appeal to consumers, the electricity supplier no method to replace the traditional channels become the main channel of the brand of wine sales the. In addition to the network platform to lower the threshold, the electricity supplier liquor liquor also matter >

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