Major electricity supplier hurricane small electricity supplier how to survive the cracks


double eleven big promotion, Tmall revenue 13 billion 200 million, Taobao revenue 5 billion 900 million, known as the most successful in the history of marketing case. Taobao & Tmall Jack Jones: as of 15, 80 million 500 thousand yuan, camel dress flagship store (store) 71 million 800 thousand yuan, 68 million 790 thousand yuan textile Roley. Sixth Liebo in 15:40 have been broken 60 million yuan. As Ali Ma said, this is an era of big electricity supplier.

Taobao may have many price and then the price situation, but Tmall’s businesses, especially brand businesses, truly dare against the world to do such things on how customers pit, it is unlikely. Now in this era of information explosion, brand marketing especially need to be careful, once they are found to resort to deceit, so sorry, without a doubt, the network transmission speed can destroy your hard in a couple of hours for several decades to build the brand. How about this, authenticity is nothing more than to prove that Tmall’s half off promotion, so there are certainly a lot of readers will ask:

half off can make money?This is how

today need to focus on, if the half off promotion, so there is much room for profit, why are there so many businesses in droves? Or was kidnapped in order to seize the market, build brand

?What is

analysis: business, expenditure, research and sales through-train, even half off, still have profit space, we get the specific data to support, but from the side, more and more large businesses into business groups, we can illustrate this point. Of course, we need to see, not the outbreak of these one or two days, but to see the hidden value, this value is much higher than the profits of the past one or two days. To seize the market, seize the user guide, user habits, build the brand, the success of a network marketing plan, brought to the major electricity supplier is more than a little profit, before the price war, although related to the false marketing, but it is one of the few, the vision of the business can see, even at a loss, people moves, or then, why not just for the sake of the customer market?. Let customers accustomed to using our products, customers next time to buy the relevant industry products, the possibility of buying our brand is much greater. The value of the customer with the market, is the long-term value of the long term to catch big fish.

in this case, there are many small businesses is kidnapped on the price war "pirate ship", compared to the electricity supplier, the products of small electricity supplier profit space is much smaller, if this half off day promotion, basically can be said to be the most bitter day. Small business brand, also cannot play, but on the platform you are five fold, so small in general or false business promotion, once found, basically be out of this platform is still the most light, damages in bankruptcy, being sued for bankruptcy is not; there is peibenzhuanyaohe. De >

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