The United States seeks Guixian propaganda Liu Qiangdong pay 300 yuan more expensive than you

referred to the "double 11", recently attracts the eyeball is undoubtedly the "cats and dogs", what Ali registered "double eleven", "618 Jingdong Let’s wait and see" such information. But not to feel a little taste of what? Right, last year at this time, we will also argue that the lowest price of anyone, how little this year,


group senior vice president of Gome, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian today first proposed to the Jingdong to launch an attack, you will lose VS really low "slogan, if the Jingdong price lower than he was 300 yuan compensation for the user.

Mou Guixian at micro-blog said: in the end what is the real low price?. We launched the price than the Jingdong, you lose, that is lower than the real low! If you have a lower than me, I will lose 300 of the user, so that users no matter how much lower than you buy. The question is, can you? @ Jingdong @ Liu Qiangdong

it is worth noting that the United States and this sentence does not limit the time, that may not be limited to double 11 period. Liu Qiangdong, you don’t just bubble sister, or come back to discuss countermeasures.

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