After the merger of the opponent the United States under the online card how to play

rival shares each other, we are staring at Tmall’s old rival Jingdong mall, but ignored the old rival Suning Gome online.

for the United States online, the history of the brand more loudly, more stores, more assets, like a sleeping lion. The lion is a lion, once wake up from sleep, or a ferocious lion. Today, the United States online action again and again. Is the August men’s day, but also the rabbit girl to send gold, which is to play what brand?

1, from the start of entertainment marketing, improve the United States online volume

is forgotten by the user, it means that the decline of the brand and the retail market was eroded. So the traditional retailers are in the manufacturing market volume of spare no effort.

the United States online first card was launched "83 Man" and "the 815 strongest appliance of war" and "818 men screaming through the festival", "straight down + lottery marketing, to attract male compatriots become chop hand family. Different from female consumers, men are more concerned about digital 3C products, less affected by advertising, more sensitive to the price, the event talked about.

August men’s day just hit this two points: to attract users attention by price, price cuts and benefits in men during the festival through Haier, Samsung and other home appliances, mobile phone manufacturers, and bunny creative ways to attract attention, with real gold and other marketing events for you to send a deeper impression, so as to facilitate the transaction.



: sweepstakes to send gold bars


figure: creative marketing Bunny attract eyeball

so, men’s day in August can only be called men’s day, rather than what electricity supplier festival. August men’s Day is the essence of entertainment marketing. The so-called entertainment marketing, that is, in the enterprise’s daily marketing behavior, to join the appropriate entertainment (such as the rabbit girl), interactive factors (such as gold lottery), allowing users in a certain scenario, experiential consumption. This will also be one of the mainstream marketing methods in the future retail industry.

2, male users of "leading", an 3C product of

men’s day in August, which means that the United States and the United States as the mainstream user online consumer groups, Gome online why do this?

from the Southern Metropolis Daily Online with Gome released "2015 semi annual Chinese male consumer data report" shows that male users of 3C products is the home appliance mainstream consumer groups, and the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen male users of home appliance user consumption is strong.



: Chinese men’s consumption data report

in the perception of the brand of male consumers, the United States online is undoubtedly an advantage. The report of the United States online January 1, 2015 to June 30th period of time consumption of large data, the report >

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