Online shopping has the risk of Taobao shopping complaints activist difficult

speaking of online shopping, Taobao almost no wonder, Wurenbuxiao! But in recent years more and more consumers through online shopping. At the same time, Taobao sellers are more and more, there are a lot of very normal e-commerce companies, large and small enterprises, hoping Taobao entrepreneurial young cynic and a few unscrupulous sellers Taobao


Taobao risks, online shopping need to be cautious

when we seek their own love baby on Taobao, Taobao will often give you a make you dazzling baby search results page, we have to bear to cut the choice of a most love baby! After bargaining with the seller and the long wait for the mail, we after receipt of anticipation open may find that turned out to be sent to the seller, smuggled goods, refurbished machines, copycat bricks, defective products or completely different shows to sell baby pictures? Have you ever encountered a similar situation?


rights complaints difficult to

when we received the seller send to mind long baby, open the mail packaging found and had purchased online to see the baby description of a lot of difference! We will be the first time in consultation with the seller, usually, sellers tend to compensate small gift or discount or subsidies, as buyers we have give the seller a praise to over


but also send us some unscrupulous sellers is defective or the rest of the store, vintage, bricks, mineral water and so on, these circumstances, in consultation with the seller usually no result, we had to resort to the intermediary service of Taobao, but Taobao intermediary words have a premise "the two sides unsuccessful negotiations and transactions more than 3 days, but Taobao intermediary processing results are also quite long, often 4-7


on Taobao intermediary processing, the facts speak louder than words, I do not say anything here!


diamond, crown, Tmall, what is trustworthy?

Taobao had to brush credit behavior such as a severe blow and punishment, but Taobao still can store credit brush, what a diamond crown is not the problem, Baidu or Google search "Taobao" Taobao brush brush drill "reputation", you can still find the N brush drill platform! Demand there is market. Taobao

still needs to be improved!


on Tmall, according to Baidu encyclopedia explanation – Tmall formerly known as’ Taobao Mall ‘, is a comprehensive shopping website. Taobao new build B2C (Business-to-Consumer, commercial retail). The integration of thousands of brands, manufacturers, to provide one-stop solutions for businesses and consumers. Provide 100% quality assurance products, no reason to return for 7 days

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