The electricity supplier on small and medium sized enterprises a new hope

The development of

electronic commerce brings hope to the small and medium-sized enterprise, with the increasingly fierce competition and the market matures, slowly we found that e-commerce is not to all the small and medium-sized enterprises hope instead of despair! In the traditional market may do them well, suddenly to the electronic commerce, what is electronic business? Do a website? They can not touch the head, like a headless fly disorderly bump, the result is lost out of traditional electricity supplier! Now e-commerce has made new progress: mobile e-commerce! The person pointed out: "the mobile electronic commerce is a new form of business, profit model is still being explored, each big enterprise to stand on the same starting line" view of small and medium-sized enterprises have hope


mobile e-commerce is the use of mobile phones, PDA and handheld wireless terminals such as B2B, B2C or C2C e-commerce. If a new business model for all words in the form of mobile electronic commerce.

Chinese e-commerce the next station is a mobile e-commerce, it is irresistible, this is the trend of development of small and medium-sized enterprises, if want to get involved in mobile e-commerce will conscientiously do a good job of planning, can not fight the battle unprepared. Do mobile electronic commerce of small and medium enterprises to prepare for what? In fact, mobile e-commerce is just e-commerce, the following 5 must do a good job.

Study on the industry make

1 of industry and mobile e-commerce, the experience of others is not necessarily suitable for you, because you do not necessarily belong to the same industry, so to make a feasibility study on their industry of mobile electronic commerce, specifically how to do, how to maximize the use of mobile business advantage to promote their products


2 study consumer psychology, your products for consumers is offline or online is more convenient and more affordable, different products are different, if you are hungry you want to eat instant noodles to go downstairs to the store to buy or to order a package online? Think again, go to the store? It can not. Oh, if you want to send a short time after McDonald’s meal, I think many people will choose the online ordering your instant noodles.

The analysis of

3 environment, some online products sell well is very famous, but not necessarily on the ground, such as grass collection, online is the fire on the ground, but we do not hear about, many people only know that 100 birds gazelle, Colgate and so on, you are kind? What is the the kind of environment? This is going to investigate the market environment, do not understand how to succeed! Close the door to engage in research but not.

4 product strategy and sales channel analysis, in the end what products to produce? How much production requirements? This is not their own say, the market is the final say. What are your sales channels, mobile e-commerce or online and offline promotion? Who is the main way to promote?.

5 to form an excellent team! Today’s society is no longer a single

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