Rumor Taobao under the framework of other goods


] November 28th news billion state power network, the day before, the media exposed "after November 25th, Taobao will be offline sellers background in the way of delivery for" others "option, the seller will not be able to choose" other "logistics delivery". But after the state power grid verification, as of now, Taobao did not line the option.

According to earlier media

news, a line of category include:

accessories / belt / Hat / scarf, kids / children, men, women, women’s boutique / Maternity / maternal nutrition, supplies / Jewelry / fashion jewelry / fashion jewelry, new lingerie / men’s underwear / Shoes / Home Furnishing clothes, shoes, men’s shoes, parent-child popular 3C digital accessories, sports shoes, new leather luggage / bag / hot male bag, casual clothing, sportswear / snacks / nuts / products, shoes.

billion state power network found includes men’s and women’s two categories of businesses to verify the merchant authentication said after the Xiaoxibushi, Taobao was not in the background the seller delivery mode in line "other" option, as follows:



category background verification

In addition to

, not in a line of category within the scope of the category, billion state power network is also tested, and found the furniture category there are fresh delivery in the "other" option.


fresh category seller background verification

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