The rapid development of e commerce brings the revolution of network shopping guide

            while the downtown business such as raise a Babel of criticism of entrepreneurship, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain 2BC site, many stars convent himself joined the family business, and the other side is attracted to the network shopping consumer purchase network, with its low-cost, convenient features the birth of a large number of online shopping and online shopping B2C fans, when consumers are booming rise, there is a link to be valued, that is from the traditional shopping guide link, in a narrow sense, is the shopping guide shopping guide, to the user to explain the product people are shopping guide, from the broad sense, we should understand. The media or user contact before shopping should be the guide, such as user shopping before holding posters, fashion magazines, from other accounts in learned shopping information. The entity is difficult to follow, so often overlooked the guide function in the network, and everything is possible, as long as the placement of a hyperlink, you can then allow consumers to receive information quickly to guide shopping site for consumption. We call them shopping guide.

            this definition, will find shopping really strong, almost all of the sites can become a "shopping guide", and guide consumers to enter the shopping site for consumption, if your site is a local comprehensive web site, you can recommend some local shop, local business entities and other information, recommend users to the consumer; all are available through this site seems to be profitable.

            as we said, almost all of the sites can become a "shopping guide", we will see some of the giants of the website also joined the team, such as the 360 navigation also launched a special shopping platform, B2C network and Taobao online shopping navigation station service; large web portal, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, the four major portals also hang out Taobao’s advertising guide. Undoubtedly, with the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has become a very popular thing, more tricks, moves different. If you ask me, over the past few years, what is the most attractive way to make money, I will not hesitate to answer is that you Taobao guest, a shopping guide advertising model, in the end of the transaction billing advertising model. For the manager, which is a very cost-effective way of marketing, and for the owners concerned, almost all of the products can be agent fast, and no need to go to sales, advertising module of Taobao customers, channel promotion information not only in the traditional site, but because Taobao customers come out of many professional Taobao customer site.

            how to do this shopping guide, today introduced a few simple shopping guide website type.


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