Online shopping no reason to return many obstacles to the implementation of the new consumer law is


the new "law" has been implemented for 10 days, the consumer online shopping receipt of goods within 7 days no reason to return to provide consumers with protection of the law, but in reality there are still illegal businesses against the interests of consumers. However, experts said that in the new "law" under the regulation of the electricity supplier companies will experience a new round of opportunities and challenges, in the "credibility of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore", not commercial enterprises will be eliminated, the development of standardized operation of the electricity supplier will also get better and faster.

disorder 1:

online shopping is not satisfied with the choice of return

who should pay the freight back and forth

new "consumer protection law" stipulates that the 7 days no reason to return, the return freight borne by the consumer. However, the product design is not caused by the consumer is not satisfied with the consumer should bear the return shipping costs?

day before Mr. Zhu, consumers to buy one hundred dollars worth of TV headset in the Jingdong website, in line with shipping conditions, the results after the arrival he found that the headset line is just 2 meters long, which is obviously the distance for watching TV is insufficient. So, Mr. Zhu to the site requires a replacement, said the results of the site return fee to be paid by Mr. zhu. Now the living room are more than two meters away, it is not reasonable to design why consumers bear the return cost? But Mr Zhu is badly in need of headset or pay $20 return courier, again purchased a 5 meter long line headset headset.

for the above case, Taobao owner Miss Xu said, "the seller paid labor and courier in the absence of responsibility, but because consumers do not love to go back, this is not fair to the seller. If you can afford to bear the freight back and forth on the more reasonable, but also to urge consumers to carefully choose to return."

said: return shipping costs borne by consumers

CC: for the provisions of the new "law" 7 days no reason to return, consumers need to bear the return shipping this is no doubt, but does not provide the seller shipped freight is also borne by consumers, so consumers do not need to bear these costs.

disorder 2:

online shopping slimming tea drink no effect

consumer proof refund was refused

said invalid refund, but really to a refund, the reporter found that part of the electricity supplier has played Tai chi.

in February this year, consumers Miss ho in the natural beauty website to buy 4 boxes of plant enzymes, spent a total of $840. According to the website publicity, take 2 cycles can be thin 15~20 pounds, and claims invalid refund. But miss ho took 3 boxes, a pound of weight has not been reduced. So, she had no effect on the grounds of the customer complaints to the site, asking for a refund. Web site customer service said the weight is not reduced because it did not take as required, and therefore refused to refund.

"fake a lose ten"

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