Business School ERP released third party warehouse direct connection to your warehouse you call the

business school ERP system is China from leading e-commerce services and technology providers — software business school’s main product, the number of customers have electricity supplier in the field of the whole industry more than 1 million 600 thousand days, the transaction flow reached 10 billion 300 million, to help customers automatic synchronous processing orders, and intelligent monitoring, ensure delivery without missing a single.

Then from the

warehouse management system from a professional perspective, ERP still has some shortcomings, such as unable to track real-time transaction inventory, and in some decentralized warehouse management system, it is difficult to achieve ERP.

in order to make up for deficiencies, to meet customer demand in the professional warehouse management, from the ERP business school has been completed prior to docking with the Taobao legend.

and ERP from the business school is in recently officially released the third party warehousing local direct interface authorization, let customers not limited to Taobao Qimen those mainstream third party warehousing system, and can be used with third party warehousing system for docking, to achieve interoperability, so that the business enterprise can really open the whole network, the whole channel fast e-commerce business.

Compared to the

third party warehousing system ERP, more professional in the field of warehouse management, it provides a detailed inventory position, clear record any abnormal situation, for the warehouse inventory provides a lot of functions, such as the definition of assets and tracking, delivery plan, shelf life management, production management, material handling management etc..

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