Feng Xiaohai the next line is full network group purchase a hotly contested spot

as the first domestic group purchase brand, full network of every act and every move has no small impact on the industry. In the recently held full network of brand promotion conference, CEO Feng Xiaohai first proposed the "O2O model" in the group purchase industry, namely "Online To Offline" — from Online to Offline mode. Feng Xiaohai believes that O2O will be one of the trends in the development of the group, and now there are already companies began to explore the model.

buy itself is O2O

line advertising, offline payment, offline activities…… Full network CEO Feng Xiaohai recently with the fire of group purchase industry focus on the "O2O" mode. In an interview with reporters, Feng Xiaohai mentioned that a lot of things are a reincarnation". At first seemed somewhat mysterious, but not difficult to understand.

"once the value of a thing falls, people will return to their original place." Feng Xiaohai made an example, "the beginning of the online shopping are cash on delivery, but the taobao.com rise of online payment, we have to buy it. But now, as people pay more attention to the security of online shopping, and therefore began to favor can be paid on the merchant B2C".

Feng Xiaohai said the full network is exploring the group purchase offline payment mode. Buy is very special, it is itself a ‘O2O’ performance, that is, online payment, line consumption. We are exploring online purchase, offline payment mode to buy, it is different from coupons, but also different from the traditional group."

in addition, the line is one of the activities of Feng Xiaohai highly respected O2O mode. "After we organize such as go kart will pick a group purchase, weekend businesses where a ‘full of friends’ karting. This allows the online ‘Group’ consumers also interact online." Feng Xiaohai said.

is not the first to grab the "stability" in front of

Under the

line advertising, offline activities have become the completion of the line payment is still few people involved. When a reporter asked about the mode of payment will be the first to launch the line, Feng Xiaohai said with a smile, "the first taste of the crab may not be able to live to the end, we still have to look at the" rhythm "".

Feng Xiaohai has just the right sense of rhythm is in place. The creation of "love card network" to the full network launched last year from 2002, Feng Xiaohai has been a continuation of the "steady" style in the industry.

since January last year, he led the full network has been quietly forward. Although this is the first group buying site, but did not seem to be involved in any war. Even if the money recently named signing spokesperson "A dream", but Feng Xiaohai in the conference said confidently, "this money is not burned, can earn back".

Feng Xiaohai said in an interview, the fastest next week, full network of Outdoor Advertising Spokesperson "A dream" will be on the line, and when.

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