n the power network to work with the new power electronic commerce development fast money

recently, the leading independent third party payment companies and well-known fast money experts in the power of information operations reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. At present, the electronic payment service Chinese digital group under the new network in the power more than 70 national branches, domestic high-quality IT based service operators 25 branches have full use of the fast money, the future through all kinds of business customers in the power station and the new network customers can enjoy fast money for professional electronic payment service.

is especially remarkable, as the leading independent third party payment companies, successful cooperation with the new and fast money in the power network, marking the completion of a comprehensive coverage of domestic fast money for the entire IDC industry’s top operators. At present, the electronic payment services, including network interconnection, interconnection of 35 times all IDC industry upstream manufacturers have adopted the fast money, to achieve a comprehensive electronic IDC industry chain of funds, the purchase of the domain name, host, CDN IDC service, from the terminal to customers, agents, to the operator, the electronic payment service funds contacts can be used for fast money, payment more efficient.

according to CCID Consulting statistics, 2008 Chinese IDC market reached 4 billion 870 million yuan, an increase of 40.8%. By 2011 China’s IDC market size will reach 13 billion 160 million yuan, IDC market there is a large room for growth, market competition is particularly fierce. Enterprises have been the service, quality, innovation, as the key to enterprise development, attract and stabilize customers. Among them, to enhance their own financial efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction has become the focus of competition in many enterprises.

With the new

network as an example, the new network is currently in the country has 25 branches, and there are more than 16000 channel partners, and provide basic information application service for more than 100 enterprises and individual users, including domain name registration services, web hosting and email services such as network service application service. 7*24 hours and quality requirements to achieve uninterrupted. In the face of such a large number of branches and business needs, the flow of funds and management is a very complicated thing, the demand for payment has become huge and demanding.

IDC industry is familiar with the high degree of information technology and acceptance, but there are also the industry’s own customers scattered, the uneven distribution of objective factors. IDC industry costs, management and other work has been done manually, time-consuming, and prone to error. In the power according to the relevant person in charge, this is not only a business problem, it is common to face the reality of IDC industry. The electronic payment not only is a very good solution to this problem, but also rely on the convenience of transaction, the advantage of low cost, quickly won the majority of the IDC enterprises, a time to become the most respected capital approach for the IDC industry.

for businesses, through the fast money to provide a comprehensive online and offline payment instruments, not only saves the cost, but also make financial management more convenient. For users >

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