From 12th Five Year planning to see the development of the industry website

a, 12th Five-Year planning background

"People’s Republic of China national economic and social development Twelfth Five Year Plan" clearly put forward to "a major technological breakthrough and major development needs as the basis, to promote the integration of new technology and new industry in depth, continue to become bigger and stronger in high tech industry based on the strategic development of new industries to become the leading and pillar industry".

12th Five-Year plan to foster the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, a new generation of information technology industry, biological industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy industry, new material industry and the new energy automotive industry and other strategic emerging industries, placed in a prominent position, this is a comprehensive analysis of the trend of change of world economic structure adjustment, major strategy focus on the deployment of China’s sustainable economic and social development made.

two, equipment manufacturing industry development outlook forecast

can be seen from the introduction of the national planning, the next five years or longer, these new industries will be the focus of China’s industrial development in the past seven years. After the introduction of their respective special plans will be introduced in the emerging industries, Ma Jun think the most promising equipment manufacturing industry, especially high-end equipment manufacturing industry is widely optimistic about the prospects for development. He believes that the next five years, the industry of the 30 industrial enterprises, the growth rate of the top 7,8 is the equipment manufacturing industry.

three, equipment manufacturing industry classification range

in accordance with the standards of classification: it includes metal products, general machinery manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electronic and communication equipment manufacturing industry, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and office machinery manufacturing seven class buckle but 186 small consumer related manufacturing industry small class of the industry.

equipment manufacturing industry covers the entire industry in the national economy in the production of investment products. According to the function and importance of equipment, equipment manufacturing industry mainly includes three aspects:

1, an important basic machinery. The equipment manufacturing equipment, including CNC machine tool (NC), flexible manufacturing unit (FMC), flexible manufacturing system (FMS), computer integrated manufacturing system (DIMS), industrial robots, large scale integrated circuits and electronic manufacturing equipment etc..

2, important mechanical and electronic components. Mainly include advanced hydraulic, pneumatic, bearing, seal, mold, cutting tools, low voltage electrical appliances, microelectronics and power electronics devices, instrumentation and automation control systems, etc..

3, major sets of technical equipment. Is mainly the national economy departments (agriculture, energy, transportation, raw materials, health care, environmental protection, etc.), science and technology, military equipment required. For example, the mineral resources of underground mining and open pit mining equipment, large power (thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power equipment), transmission (ultra high voltage AC and DC power transmission equipment), chemical (petroleum and chemical industry, coal chemical industry, salt chemical equipment), black and non-ferrous metals.

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