About eleven double explosion Rookie network hit billions of speed logistics distribution

in order to prevent the recurrence of explosion embarrassment, rookie network this year eleven will use big data to provide the express courier company forecast data, let express company capacity ahead of time.


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Big data network

rookie logistics platform’s Alibaba announced that this year eleven will invest 100 million yuan with incentives to enhance the efficiency of delivery courier company, comprehensive security "cut the hand of the party who Tmall online shopping logistics experience.

Tong Wenhong

rookie network president said, this year the logistics industry entered the era of big data, electronic single industry wide use rate has exceeded 60%, double eleven period is expected to exceed 80%, based on the electronic surface, but also for rookie courier companies to provide the corresponding single service routing.

October 23rd, the national post market supervision department director Han Ruilin services in eleven double express mobilization meeting revealed that this year the whole industry double eleven express transportation volume will reach 760 million, an increase of 40% over last year; the highest daily processing volume may exceed 140 million, or will once again refresh the package volume of double eleven since its founding.

usually express staff in sorting courier, express the area will be stated in a single paper surface using large mark pen, this time by the express service experience, so it is easy to produce the wrong region, resulting in a delay in the wrong.

Zheng Chao, director of marketing, said

, the annual double eleven courier companies are most worried about the recruit single member, attracted to be trained for half a year to post. Sub single route can be based on electronic single face information, automatically calculate the single path, the package is divided into the nearest point of the consumer network. Rookie network is expected to double in eleven will be more than 50% of the package through the data points of single route is faster to reach the hands of consumers.

In addition,

also provides a courier company for the double eleven express forecast data from the beginning of September this year, the rookie has been in the 15 major courier companies to provide a number of batches of data forecast. "These data provide the main purpose is to help express partners deployment of transport capacity and transport, transport companies can prepare in advance according to the forecast data." Rookie network courier division general manager, rookie double eleven commander Wang Wenbin pointed out.

based on the above data, each courier company made the corresponding double eleven countermeasures. Earlier, China Express investment about 10000000000 in the country to purchase a total of more than 3 thousand acres of land in order to build a large distribution center, e-commerce center. In addition, pass on 72 Center for the renovation and expansion, at the same time on the dial center line of the corresponding upgrade. In terms of vehicles, in the original 15 thousand kinds of vehicles under the premise of a variety of vehicles, the new increase of 2600 vehicles and close to the recruitment of nearly 15 thousand temporary staff.

Ni Genyan, vice president of

express delivery, express delivery is expected to be handled during the eleven double this year, the volume of parcels of up to 60 million, only two of the day can be >

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