Heritage a domain name N kind of reverie

today, you want to enter the domain name of the industry is very high threshold, a short list of high-quality domain names are basically divided up. Novice webmaster is more than the sale of the site rather than pure domain name trading. Therefore, the idea of selling, selling ideas, selling existing resources to promote the sale of domain names is a train of thought.

contains a website, website for creative features, the use of assonance, antisense, combination of coinage means or because of some popular events and domain name. I call them creative domain names.

recently saw a friend Bo to build a blog of the characteristics of the village site. Query and register a few Cun the end of the domain name, such as (ggcun.com), (ffcun.com), etc.. Today to talk about the next (ggcun.com) domain name for other subsequent articles, ha ha.

plus Cun suffix after the name of the village with spelling words in front of the domain name will be very long, so I find some Pinyin abbreviations. Ggcun.com because the first two letters Chinese repeat, "village" and that of the domain name is easy to remember you.

next, look at the meaning of the domain name, that is, I want to do the theme of the site.

advertising Village: inspired by the adjie.com, I also registered the ggcun.com and adcun.com, ready to do the advertising planning of quality resources and learning stations. This is an industry I like very much. Of course, can also be based on Google Advertising Internet advertising exchange station. Similar to the Google village, public relations village, etc..

Village: the village of fruit or fruit. Fruits and vegetables theme website. To the village as a suffix, can be reflected from the countryside, green and healthy feeling.

Village: a lot of embarrassing embarrassing embarrassment. You can use the dig program, the most embarrassing thing out. Similar to the name of the site can use strange village, funny ghost village, village, etc..

bachelor Village: can be made into a fashionable and dynamic web page style, single men and women in the camp. Dating, outdoor travel, karaoke host etc.. May also be called a lonely village, do public concern in the elderly life website.

dog Village: pet theme website. Create a network entity under the dog village brand.

a domain name, do different types of sites, it is not the value of the release. For example, qq.com is used as the blog when compared to today’s web portal, a world of difference of commercial value. As a personal webmaster, according to their own resources, the overall plan to determine a theme.

I chose ggcun.com as the advertising village network, because this theme and I do have a complementary relationship with several other stations, to form a joint force. If at the same time operating a number of wind horses and the site, personal webmaster hard to have energy in every field to do deep.

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