Advantages and disadvantages of several commonly used advertising alliance

a lot of people do, the purpose is to write a blog Wangzhuan, since it is to make money, you have to say domestic advertising, compared to most personal websites and blogs are relying on advertising alliance to make money. The current domestic advertising alliance a lot, but uneven in quality, how to choose a good union just got also became a problem webmasters and bloggers. In this paper, I do stand with a little bit of experience to discuss with you, the purpose is to give a reference to the novice.

current mainstream advertising alliance there are several:

1 Google (Google Adsense)

Google Adsense is undoubtedly a relatively mature advertising alliance. First of all, it is the advertising matching technology is very good, in general, when you place the site after the Adesense, the display of the relevance of advertising and content is very good, of course, there are special circumstances.

also, advertising a single click on the price of Adsense is relatively high, the website quality, $0.01 to $0.5, to see what the advertising keywords! (see also said GG Click to stay and give advertisers benefits), as for why many sites are the size of love to join GG, the main reason 1. Is a relatively low threshold, can the general station (station stop) 2, the price is good, for GG, IP is IP, as long as you stand qualified, even if only 1 clicks that is IP, it is money that is benefit! The disadvantage of Adesense is that the size of your advertising display a single, sometimes difficult to put it in a suitable position. But for the general site, the choice of Adsense advertising alliance is more appropriate.

2 Baidu alliance

Baidu is now the boss of the search industry in the country, is naturally a cow. Baidu’s advertising alliance is actually very similar to Google. But its audit requirements are very strict, the threshold is relatively high. General station is certainly not eligible. But now, Baidu has lowered the standard, I do not know whether it is a blessing or a curse.

Baidu advertising alliance is a bit rich in advertising size, it belongs to the "head to toe" advertising. Is the title, text, URL, title, text, address can be put on advertising! At this point, Baidu is better than Google. But compared to other Baidu union price is still good, most of these words are 1-2 angle between the station in general can not join! Look down on small IP, the Baidu IP is not IP but think station line! Lack of Baidu alliance is to display advertising and site content matching degree is not very good, this is not Google Adsense to do good.

3 Asian dating alliance

this is a veteran of the type of foreign advertising alliance, a lot of the early personal webmasters have been hanging over the Asian friends of the ad, it’s the best

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